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Birthdate:Sep 1
Location:United States of America
K A R L ** F E I - O N G

B L O O D +

Alias: Phantom
Age: 100+
Sex: Male
Birthday: XXX
Heritage: Chiropteran
Language: English/French/Vietnamese
Occupation: Chairman of Lycée du Cinq Flèches. Also: Stalker.
Description: Black Hair. Dark Eyes. Big Smile. Insane.


Timeline: XXX
Residence: The Cathedral.
Job: Manager at 'The Raven'.
Notable: DO NOT FEED.
4th Walling? Go for it!

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Name: Katya
AIM: Katya Navarro • PLURK: [ profile] katyaxoxDW:
Time zone: XXX

Interests (70):

amshel, big brothers, bipolar disorder, bitching, bloodshed, blue queen, brooding, but now who's gonna dance with me?, camp, chevaliers, child experimentation, chiropterans, cinq flèches, costumes, creeping creepers, crystallization, dancing, death, delta67, diva, dying, emoness, ew hagi, family, gregory rasputin, heavy metal, hysterics, insanity, labrats, loneliness, martin bormann, masks, masquerades, missing arms, moe-ness, monomania, monsters, nazis, obsessions, parties, pawn, phantom of the opera, please stay, prettiness, queens, rebellion, red queen, regenerating, rock on, rowdy, sadomasochism, saya, science experiments, solomon, special blood, stalking, suicide, swords, the goldsmiths, the unfavorite, theatrics, tonight the music seems so loud, twin sisters are hot, vengeance, vietnam, we could have been so good together, we could have lived this dance forever, wealth and taste, wings, woobies
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